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Tuesday, 20 March 2018

Make Your Smartphone (Mobiles) Secure By These 6 Tips

  anand kumar       Tuesday, 20 March 2018

Like a computer, smartphones also have many security related problems. So far there have been many virus attacks on Android. It is believed that Apple's iOS is far more secure than Android smartphones. But every smartphone has the same danger. According to a report from Sophos Lab in September last year, more than 30 percent of Ransomware was detected on the Android platform. With this, 10 million Android apps were put into the category of Vasciius

Now, when mobile malware is increasing, users need to ensure that their phones are safe. With these 6 ways you can keep your mobile safe:

Keep phone lock: 

Phone locking does not just protect the device, but it also does not allow other people to access the required data of your phone. Locking the device a few years ago seemed a little difficult or a long time. But now with the help of fingerprint sensor and face unlock technology, it has become easier to keep the phone safe. Simultaneously put the pin lock on the phone even after the restart of the phone.

Keep operating system updated: Android users have a habit of not updating the operating system. The most common operating system on Android is the only 28.5 percent market share of NAIGT 7 by February 2018. This situation is slightly better in the case of Apple users. Latest version of iOS is market share of 11.2 to 70 percent.

Many Android users also complain about not getting latest updates on their handsets. With this, the users' phones can easily get into the grip of the virus. In this situation, if your mobile is not updating for a long time, then either you can go to the Customer Care Center or take some remedies or plan to change your handset. With this, when buying a new smartphone, buy a handset where updates are available.

Avoid calling unsecured brands: 

Some phones are famous for getting updates from time to time. These include Google pixels, Apple iPhone, etc. Budget smartphones also have many options. There are also some companies that are not considered right in data security. Avoid taking such brands' smartphones.


 Keep encrypting your phone storage. Your smartphone has the necessary data such as email, contacts, financial apps etc. If your phone is lost or stolen, then you will not want to get the information you need in some wrong way. So keep encrypting your phone's storage. If your phone goes in the hands of someone else, then your data will be safe.

Scans for viruses:

 In mobile devices, viruses come easily nowadays. To avoid this, keep scanning your phone from time to time. In Google Play too, the virus has come in the apples. To avoid this, scan any app before downloading it from any source.

Do not jailbreak the phone: iPhone users often jailbreak their devices. Due to this, the devices are not safe. Similarly, Android users routinely charge their phones. In both of these processes, the user's phone is not safe, so avoid this.


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